Monday, July 30, 2007

Say it if you feel it...

Another good poem I got in my Google Reader Box :) Enjoy!

Today I wonder if what I did was right
To be within myself and let my heart fight
To lose someone so special like you
And never to let out even a slight clue

I confess I was always crazy about you
I confess I couldn't stop falling in love with you
You filled my empty feeling within
For you were with me through thick and thin

Every time I spoke to you
The more I fell in love with you
I had no choice but to let it go
For I could bear an empty heart, but not lose a smile that made the dark glow

I saw my dream breaking, and yet I held back my tears
To fulfil your dreams which you always whispered close to my ears
I was in pain and yet I pretended to be strong
As I always wished for you to be right and me to be wrong

I always felt this could not happen, you cannot be mine
In just a moment my world would change
But I will still pretend to be fine

I stayed quiet even when you said
I am going away,
My heart wanted you to stop
But my lips didn't have the strength to say
Holding back everything, I saw you go away

There is no-one who can take your place
For I have stitched my heart with your love's lace
Captured in it is the memoir of your face
For I would never find again this beauty and grace

Now it makes me wonder
Wonder if I had committed a blunder
Wonder if you ever felt the same
Wonder if your heart skipped a beat
Every time I mentioned your name

I should have expressed the way I felt
Whatever the consequence I would have dealt
But now you are gone, gone forever
I long to see you
A hope that may be next to never.