Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!

The things we feel the deepest
are the hardest things to say!

And that's what I gotta do
on the year's very special day!

A day specially crafted for us two
with zillion reasons to smile!

Precious moments between me and you
will last forever, not awhile!

God brought us together, my darling
to make me the man, you my only wife!

says the wise, that's the greatest thing
that has and will ever happen to my life!

Come, grow old with me
your hugs are always a charm!

Believe, the best is yet to be
for love keeps our hearts warm!

Oh my lovely beautiful wife
what I feel, words can never convey!

I wish the breath of my life
a very Happy Birthday!

- For my beautiful darling Wife, on her birthday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Soldier's Wish

If I die in a combat zone
Box me up and ship me home

Put my medals on my chest
Tell my mom I did my best

Tell my love not to cry
I was a soldier born to die!

- Words from Tim O'Brien's tour of duty in the Vietnam war.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Fine Day

The sun is rising, clear and bright,
winds gushing from all over,
a huge dust storm looms,
its pale shadowing the white.

The road ahead livens hope
despite the traffic's relaxing noise
falling leaves from trees remind
around one, our lives are loped.

Few hours of the lightened dark
dampens the inherent fears
a small window in the bottom right
rejuvinates them to re-embark.

If only one could sense
rains are meant to come close
and not to wither apart
holding one's hands in one's hands.

A misguided choice it may seem
but the truth is concealed
inside the riddle of variance
between doom and deem.