Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Another good poem by my good friend ;)

The wisdom of the knight,
Why it is not in my sight.

The fields have turned yellow,
Why there is so much fright.

The old men shiver as they pass,
They have stolen the child’s smile.

All the war they made,
Only graves in sight.

The death has knocked on my door twice,
Engulfing my dear one’s plight.

I try to fight fear as much as I can,
But cannot in the knight’s land of pride.

I wonder is it really worth the price,
The land, the gold and the rice.

I wish I was the little child again,
Who rode the green horse without refrain.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lone Fright

Written by one of my very good friend!

Look at the horizon, See the rising sun,
It stole my dreams away, all the fun,
Up from bed, life is on a run,
She was the cause, but its now a pun.

The more I dream of her, the more I am intoxicated,
She doesn’t care, she has been long in the ocean of desire,
All she has done, kindled within me a fire,
I burn day and night, no one hears my plight.

I need to speak, but I am not meek,
I can fight when chances are bleak,
There are no more flower beds to sleep,
But I cannot open my heart for strangers to peep.

I look for my lost world, specially for the prized bird,
She never saw the blue sky, for her the world is too sly,
Remains in her golden cage, never dares to fly,
That night I waited, until there was light in the sky.

She never turned up, but by dawn they were there,
Came near, said how could I dare,
A sparrow being dreamed by the vulnerable hare,
They treated me with contempt, there was nothing to spare.

Years passed, she saw the light,
The hare became the lion, no one dared to fight,
She was free, he broke the cage with his might,
He won, what made him fight was his lone fright.

Say it if you feel it...

Another good poem I got in my Google Reader Box :) Enjoy!

Today I wonder if what I did was right
To be within myself and let my heart fight
To lose someone so special like you
And never to let out even a slight clue

I confess I was always crazy about you
I confess I couldn't stop falling in love with you
You filled my empty feeling within
For you were with me through thick and thin

Every time I spoke to you
The more I fell in love with you
I had no choice but to let it go
For I could bear an empty heart, but not lose a smile that made the dark glow

I saw my dream breaking, and yet I held back my tears
To fulfil your dreams which you always whispered close to my ears
I was in pain and yet I pretended to be strong
As I always wished for you to be right and me to be wrong

I always felt this could not happen, you cannot be mine
In just a moment my world would change
But I will still pretend to be fine

I stayed quiet even when you said
I am going away,
My heart wanted you to stop
But my lips didn't have the strength to say
Holding back everything, I saw you go away

There is no-one who can take your place
For I have stitched my heart with your love's lace
Captured in it is the memoir of your face
For I would never find again this beauty and grace

Now it makes me wonder
Wonder if I had committed a blunder
Wonder if you ever felt the same
Wonder if your heart skipped a beat
Every time I mentioned your name

I should have expressed the way I felt
Whatever the consequence I would have dealt
But now you are gone, gone forever
I long to see you
A hope that may be next to never.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Appraisal

A poem on Appraisal I got in forwarded mail, which I could not resist putting up. Problems reading it, look at the end.

Appraisal के नाम पर एक लंबी आह भरते हैं
चलिये अब हम इस दुखद कहानी कि शुरुआत करते हैं

हमेशा कि तरह 10 बजे ठुमकते हुए office आया
11 बजे तक नाश्ता किया और 12 बजे तक mail ही पढ़ पाया

हमेशा कि तरह आज भी मुझे आलस आ रहा था
और मेरा PM मुझे तिरछी निगाहों से देख देख ग़ुस्सा रहा था

मैं बडे concentration के साथ एक careful mail पढ़ रहा था
तभी देखा मेरे PM के नाम का नया mail कोने मे blink कर रहा था

फिर कोई training attend करनी होगी, यह क्या बकवास है
क्या reply मे लिख दूं कि मेरे mailbox का उपवास है ?

मैंने आँखें बंद कर 10 बार ॐ ॐ का जाप किया
और प्रणाम करते हुए मैंने उस mail को खोला

PM कि इस मेल मे एक अजीब सा सुकून और भोलापन है
लिखा है: भाईयों appraisal letters आ गए हैं, अब तो one-to-one है

मन मे ऐसे बुरे बुरे ख़्याल आ रहे थे
ऊपर से कुछ लोग मेरे de-appraisal कि गन्दी अफवाह उड़ा रहे थे

PM को letter ले जाते देख हर कोई उसे देखता जाता है
जैसे mallika के किसी नए गाने को देखता जाता है

आख़िर वह वक़्त आया
PM ने एक एक कर सबको अन्दर बुलाया

जो भी अन्दर जाता, मुस्कुराता हुआ जाता
जो बाहर आता, मुरझाया हुआ होता

बाहर आकर इन्सान संभल भी नहीं पाता
कि "कितना हुआ कितना मिला" हर कोई उसपे टूट जाता है

किसी एक को appraisal मे 2000 रूपये मिले थे, मैं उसकी हंसी उड़ा रहा था
तभी मैंने देखा मेरा PM इशारे से मुझे अन्दर बुला रहा था

मैं confidence से उठा और आगे कदम बढाया
तभी मेरी belt का buckle टूट के निकल गया

मेरी हालत तो अभी से ही बुरी हो गयी
साला इज़्ज़त उतरनी तो यहीं से शुरू हो गयी

मैं अन्दर पहुँचा और PM ने मुझे बिठाया
उसने मेरा letter पढा और वोह हंसी रोक ना पाया

वोह इतना हंसा कि उसके आंसू आ गए
क्या मेरे appraisal digits उसको इतना भा गए

जैसे ही उसने लैटर मेरी तरफ बढाया
मेरी आंखों के आगे घनघोर अँधेरा छाया

मुझे लगा जैसे मेरे दिल कि दीवार किसी ने गोबर से पोता है
अरे यार बीस रुपैये भी कोई increment होता है

मेरे चारों तरफ काली घटा छायी
तभी मेरे PM कि soothing आवाज़ आयी

तुम सोच रहे होगे कि company management का दिमाग फिर गया है
पर बेटा हम क्या करें, Dollar का भाव 4 रुपैये जो गिर गया है

पर फिर भी मुझे लगता है, यह letter fake है
यह कोई printing mistake है

तुम HR मैं जाओ
और यह confirm करके आओ

भाई HR मैं जाने के लिए तैयार होना पड़ता है
वही तो एक जगह है जहाँ खूबसूरत लड़कियों से पाला पड़ता है

Shit! जहाँ Tina बैठती थी, आज वहाँ बैठा Aftab है
मैं समझ गया कि बेटा आज अपना Bad Luck ही खराब है

उसने मेरा letter खोला
और खुश होके बोला

वोह बोला Sir आपके लिए खुशखबरी हाइ
आप के letter मैं printing mistake पकड़ी है

मैंने कहा Boss अब देर ना लगाएँ
और मेरा actual amount बतायें

Sorry sir यह mistake just by accident है
बीस रुपैये नहीं, दो रुपैये आप का increment है

मैं क्या कहूं आप को यह बताते हुए मेरा दिल रो रहा है
पर क्या करें Dollar का भाव भी तो कम हो रहा है

मैं बस वहाँ खङा था, कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा था
मुझसे ज्यादा increment तो security वाला पा रहा था

मैंने खुद को सम्भाला, खुद को उठाया
मैं लौटा और सीधे PM के पास आया

मैंने सीधे उसके Cabin तक गया और दरवाज़ा खोला
इस से पहले कि वोह कुछ बोले, मैं ही उस से बोला

Sir यह पैसे वापिस ले लीजिये, बात करना फ़िज़ूल है
मैं गरीब हूँ, पर भीख नहीं लेता, यह मेरा उसूल है!

PS: Trouble reading it.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beauty of a Woman!

This poem was written by the late eduactor-humorist Sam Levinson for his grandchild and read by Audrey Hepburn on Christmas Eve, 1992.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
the figure she carries,
or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,
but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
the passion she shows,
the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Some day in the month of August, a sweet little girl child was born
She was blessed with looks so gorgeous, seemed as if the sun smiled before the dawn

When for the first time, she opened her eyes
Every one was assured, She was an angel in disguise

With lady luck by her bed-side, and a pretty smile on her face
She took the world in her stride, greeted the entire race

Couldn’t ever hurt a soul, had an enticing heart
With looks so majestic, her beauty was an art

She had the power to calm the mind, ease the heart in pain
As August dampens the scorching heat, pours the comforting rain

She could not see anyone in distress, was another white pigeon
One day was deceived by dearest, treasured it in her heart hidden

With tries innumerable, could not forget her past
Wept all alone, as if nothing else would ever last

Asked the divine in solitary, why it was she chosen
Could not understand the mystery, waited for a reply from the numen

With no respite coming to her heart, got herself busy in things too light
Pretending that everything was now in charge, yet crying at the slightest fright

One fine day came an unknown, looked very familiar
Appeared to be friendly, but, enigmatic and subtle in nature

He told her exactly what she wanted to hear, just to throw out her inner fear
In an effort to bring out her original self, he forgot himself

She was now much more fearless, much more confident
But, even now she resisted the very sentiment

He tried to maintain his conduct, but, the mighty cupid had struck
Her face now resembled a dove, he had fallen in love

He tried withstanding the force invisible, endeavoring in vain
At last, started enjoying the pain, accepted that love cannot be bound in chains

One evening, he asked her to be his wife
For her to think, gave the time of his life

She remains merry, was his only desire
Promised himself, never will let die his inner fire

The time seemed to stood still, it didn’t fly
Wandering in this pause, he kept waiting for her reply

Rambling in an impulse, he didn’t keep his own words
The action bore its result his dream was shattered

He will have to forget her, she told him, that it just can’t be
Comfort would come let time be

He mustered up his courage, he didn’t had the strength
For he loved the queen, she didn’t then

In long nights, gazed the empyrean, looking into the moon
Craved to god above, at least she gets her love soon

He found solace in never ending tears, begged god to answer his only prayers
For he didn’t knew, how long would he continue

Her memoirs were enough for him to live, her void to die
All alone in this freezing cold, he had to make a choice

He couldn’t live, how could he stop loving her
He couldn’t die, for it would dishonor her

Wasn’t able to walk the path, was losing his direction
Somehow had to do it, for her words were his religion

Started feeling guilty and helpless, thought of things worthless
Blaming herself for his cause, asked him to be Faust

Days passed, he sensed trouble coming her way
Nothing asked, he warned her keeping himself at stake

For the next few sleepless nights, she cried whole night
God answered her plight, everything got right

She felt special on that special evening, told that she depended on him
Friendship and love were words too small, not to describe the relationship was the best of all

She could have entered a wed-lock, but in between was a dead-lock
Had made a promise before, will marry the person her parents adore

What should he have done is the big question
I leave it to you to end this poem.

- Sandy


A poem I recently read on Myriad Illusions, one that truly describes the state of my mind right now. Hope you all enjoy it.

Shards of broken dreams are too painful at times,
But don't stop me from dreaming 'cos atleast they are mine.

I travel to my utopian world riding on them,
And I smile ,saying to myself that I have lived through them.

I do not know what destiny has designed,
But through them I have embraced everything that could not be mine.

They might be far from truth and farther from me,
And I know that prayers don't turn them into reality,
So the pain goes down till a point and sinks after a time,

And then I smile again 'cos I know that

Shards of broken dreams are quite painful at times,
But they won't stop me from dreaming 'cos atleast dreams are mine.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Tell me the truth

Tell me the truth
Don't just say it
Because I said it to you

Don't tell me
Just because I told you
Don't tell me at all
If you're just gonna let me fall

Don't let me think it's real
Then yank it from beneath me
Tell me from the begining mispelled
So I'll know you're gonna leave me

Tell me the truth
When you say it
Say it because it's true
And just maybe I'll say it back to you.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Together in the Rain

Getting drenched in the rain
Walking hands in hand
Relieves me of all my pain
Makes me a complete man

Winds playing with her hair
Rain droplets kissing her face
Induces a sparkle in her eyes
Enhances her charm and grace

I wonder when would we be together
The long-awaited first chance
Her voice would be the music
Green grass, the floor to dance

- Sandy