Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best of Luck!!!

With these verses I send
thousand white roses hand plucked
to brighten up your day
wishing you immense luck

O beautiful, listen to my words
time has come to prove yourself up
for you to spread your magical shine
and win the world with your captivating smile

rediscover the parental genetic gift
laugh off your aches and silly ways
you have worked hard for it
and today is your special day

live your heart, speak your mind
hold your confidence right
and am sure, you will twinkle
brighter than the stars bright!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Un-Innovative Friend ;)

in this (professional) world where smartness is to adapt
to camaflouge; to adjust for personal gains, is considered apt

an un-innovative mind you are, I agree
for it's devoid of any art, craft or polity

in your kindness lies smartness, in deeds, brilliance
a blessed soul you are; gentle, loving and intelligent

believe not your manager, believe not your peers
for what they say is to get loads of work cleared

remember friends, steal some personal moments
in the never ending chase; spread the flagrance

believe in your friends, right is their reason
listen to their thoughts, value their opinion

your mind harnesses thoughts with such magic
term it un-innovative is nothing but comic

and even if I am wrong, and they are true
I am glad to have an un-innovative friend like you!

- for an un-innovative mind.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

colorful candles on the cake,
a mild blow is what it would take,
waiting for long, family and friends,
singing the universal celebration song.

feel the chill, embrace the weather,
hold your drink, loud say cheers,
to the music in the air, lend an ear,
in your very own day of the year.

remember the beautiful memories,
passing years can never mar,
rejoice the experiences big or small,
that have made you what you are.

time to weave new dreams,
of trekking in white mountains,
of walking in the dark lands,
of rowing the blue stream.

may the morning sun's rays,
bring every happiness your way,
with each passing moment, I pray,
fragrance of winter's makes you sway,
wishing you a very happy birthday!!!