Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Fine Day

The sun is rising, clear and bright,
winds gushing from all over,
a huge dust storm looms,
its pale shadowing the white.

The road ahead livens hope
despite the traffic's relaxing noise
falling leaves from trees remind
around one, our lives are loped.

Few hours of the lightened dark
dampens the inherent fears
a small window in the bottom right
rejuvinates them to re-embark.

If only one could sense
rains are meant to come close
and not to wither apart
holding one's hands in one's hands.

A misguided choice it may seem
but the truth is concealed
inside the riddle of variance
between doom and deem.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Smile

If there ever was a way devised
to quantum how much I love you
and in my arms you could surmise
realizing, it, for sure to be true

No path was ever paved
nor the course ever shown
which may lead to the way
where love herbs are grown

But what love would be
if one were to discover such a path
none but the power demeaned
inviting your inner soul’s wrath

for love is a blessing, not a wile,
whose fragrance can be felt
when looking at me, you smile
the magic making my heart melt!