Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Promise

Apologies to a friend
whom I have offended
but believe me bud
it was never my intent

its not your hard work
that I try to question
not the way you live
that I try to reason

I didn't mean to be
unkind or rude
it was only an attempt
to create a prelude

a failed attempt to hide
the feelings deep inside
of what can't be described
in words, but only by eyes

Give me one more chance
and never will I say again
words that may annoy
or have shades of nuance

Today I make a promise
A promise I promise
not to break, not to
repeat the same mistake again!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love Score

my fall will be for you,
to hold you in the wild.
my rise will be of you,
when your heart smiles.

in every breath I live,
my love will be in you.
every day, every way,
my heart beats for you.

I lay my life and all faith
in your hands, my dear
if you be the one to cut me,
something will die, I fear.

hold me, love me,
change my stars,
heal my scars, or,
I will bleed forever.

my fall will be for you,
my love will be in you,
if you be the one to cut me,
I will bleed forever!

PS: inspired by Nightwish's awesome song, Ghost Love Score.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Hope

Weeks have passed, since I halted in my run.
To lie down and think, away from the burning sun.

All my varied thoughts, why are all the same?
They start and end, revolving at the only name.

The darkness has fallen, storm plays the melody.
The silence that has spread, cannot be broken.

I fight the dark shadows, in search of light.
Awaiting the dawn, in this dark night.

For sometimes, silence, leads to deafness;
Sometimes, even darkness, to blindness.

All my hopes and dreams, now rest in you.
I want to get closer, drifting away, seem to be you.

I pray with prayers, that may melt the heart,
the power and will, of whom, can bridge our part.

Tonight any dream will do, as long as, your fragrance,
keeps the flame burning, of hope, of love of you!