Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

On this beautiful autumn day
when you wake up to the sun's ray
and a chill in the air's fray
tired of games, the dreams did play

Watch the numen blessed your way
with numerous strewn beautiful leaves
around you are your loved ones
with every word, a blessing who weave

Breathe the aroma of nature mother
dance in the arms of shine anew
embrace the goodness of next year
where your every wish will be true

Accept these blooming flowers
filled with joy, from random showers
from garden of blessings, I picked them out
grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout

The only thing I'd like to say
to you on your special day
its your friend from far away
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Live!

I'm strong for I know my weaknesses,
I'm wise for I've been foolish,
I'm brave for I've conquered my fears,
I'm clever for I do my heart.

I laugh for I've known sadness,
I sing for I've been quiet,
I dance for I've stood still,
I walk for I've fallen often.

I sleep for the dreams,
I dream for I've hope,
I hope for I'm in love,
I love for, to love is to live.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Time when life is good
time when things are bad
time when everything is worse
time when life seems a curse.

It's not the sin of time
but of the soul of mine
blind to the unmatching rhyme
of life that I played mime.

Time does not halt
time does not speed
time does not turn
time will not mislead.

In our soul lies the craft
of deceit, of game, of greed
the values of your human creed
where honesty will not succeed.

Time will not speak
time is always numb
time will not warn
time won't play the drums.

Then, why time be blamed
for life when cruellest
caused and claimed
by shards of the tempest.

Time will live
time won't die
to tell the betrayal tale
time will surely survive.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hobbits, Orcs, Humans and Elves,
all tied together, in story of courage,
of power of allies, of love's strength
of evil of deciet, of one's own selves!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Sail!

Clouds set in, bringing rain and hail
fragrance infects my thoughts
I find myself on a voyage
in the sea of dreams, I sail.

In between our jog on a spring dawn
with my fingers I spoil your hair
breathing the dew wet greens of our lawn
making sure you have no worries or a care.

We sing, laugh and play
away from summer's reach
building sand castles all day
on a beautiful island beach.

Watching trees shed leaf
under the rainbow in fall
a flash of white leaves us deaf
we rush to dance in the squall.

On a cold winter night
we escape snow and storm
in blanket soft and white
holding hands, we feel the warmth.

It may happen with any ray
the voyage ends, dreams shatter
yet, I write these songs today
for they will never weather!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


you are the beginning, you are the end
you the fragrance, you my life's essence

a glimpse of you, eases all my pain
your innocence, forces the sun to rain

a journey I make, path hidden from me
I will not falter, the shining star leads me

cloud of doubts hunt, the hope eludes
in those haunting dreams, lie the clues

will never wax and wane, the light of elindir
purifies the heart, in darkness, is my seer

memories I remember, when together we stand
your hand on my heart, induces in strength

to all my promises, I will hold afar
as my heart follows you, Arwen Evenstar!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tid Bits

One fine day, a friend wrote, Tomorrow will be bright and will bring new light... and started it all!

I wake up every day,
in the anticipation of light,
but even searching all lengths,
I still can't find my way!


I wander not for the light
but for the star
which can brighten my life
heal my scars!


Shadows are they
and not dark patches
follow me everywhere
and at times almost catches.

I fight not to be alive
but to live a dream
its the elf queen's halo
that brings me to light.

the fate is bound
of you and me
to the one ring
that cannot be found.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little

A little of heart, a little of brain
in little of sun, n in little of rain
painting in zillion colors, thoughts so arcane
alive you bring, the canvas mundane
new heights with every step, you attain
all would agree, with me in fain
meaningful thoughts, your paradise contains
impression of which, in our minds always remain!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Princess of Egypt!

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
I'd make you happy but you're far away

Its not a coincidence but our fate
We met on the magical day and date
Spent time sharing some jokes and laughter
Time flew by, when I wanted it to end never

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
That some numbers won't make me a different man

My thinking may be different in this life
My love will never change, nor will I ever strife
I've put my faith in you and it's not a time for a rest
Even though I did my best I didn't pass your test

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
I'd make you happy but you've to say

Not in a verse, or a line, but an etch
In your style when it suits you best
Engrave in my life the word I expect
magical three-letter wonder called, yes

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man
I want to be with you, I feel astray
I need a miracle how to make you understand
Answer my prayers, for no one else can

Deep inside my heart, every moment I pray
In weather foggy, rainy, bright and clear
Let this happen every single day
Wake me up as you on my b'day last year!

You are the princess of Egypt and I'm just a man!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I write the seventh verse in magical lines seven
to express my love as deep as seas seven
weaving dreams as vivid as colors of rainbow seven
waiting to dance on your voice's magical notes seven
dying to pledge promises seven, along sacred rounds seven, in all reincarnations seven
I vow to be always on your side, as stand the wonders, seven
I am sure you will be mine, for miracles do happen, not only in heaven!