Monday, May 12, 2008

I Fear Not!

Turning copy-cat once again, here is Pooja at her best again! Great going friend! Two great poems that leave your soul thinking and wanting for more...

I Fear Not...
They say time to tie a knot,
I say let me first fear not.

They proclaim love develops over a time,
I reclaim my mind may rule my heart over a lifetime.

They believe understanding leads to love,
I believe love may be moldable like a dove.
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The Sun's Ray's
My mind so small, though my eyes wide lay,
I cuddle you mother, every time you touch and pray.

Though darkened by your womb, I can feel the Sun’s ray,
Beautifully endowed with your love, heartily inside I play.

You give me the magic fodder, every moment I sway,
Loaded all sides by my weight, I stretch you every day.
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