Monday, July 30, 2007

Lone Fright

Written by one of my very good friend!

Look at the horizon, See the rising sun,
It stole my dreams away, all the fun,
Up from bed, life is on a run,
She was the cause, but its now a pun.

The more I dream of her, the more I am intoxicated,
She doesn’t care, she has been long in the ocean of desire,
All she has done, kindled within me a fire,
I burn day and night, no one hears my plight.

I need to speak, but I am not meek,
I can fight when chances are bleak,
There are no more flower beds to sleep,
But I cannot open my heart for strangers to peep.

I look for my lost world, specially for the prized bird,
She never saw the blue sky, for her the world is too sly,
Remains in her golden cage, never dares to fly,
That night I waited, until there was light in the sky.

She never turned up, but by dawn they were there,
Came near, said how could I dare,
A sparrow being dreamed by the vulnerable hare,
They treated me with contempt, there was nothing to spare.

Years passed, she saw the light,
The hare became the lion, no one dared to fight,
She was free, he broke the cage with his might,
He won, what made him fight was his lone fright.