Sunday, April 6, 2008

What I Want?

What to think about? What do i desire?
What is my gift? my passion? my fire?

I want to experience joy like all the rest
To shine like a star through every test

I want every being on earth to smile
And i want it to last for a long while

I want every creature to know that we care
For the poor to sing and for the rich to share

I want us all to work together as one group
To mix our essences into a glistening soup

I want a cure to be found for every disease
For violence to end and for suffering to cease

I want our laughter to be heard from galaxies away
For worldwide peace to finally see the light of day

How can little old me make these wishes come true?
Is living each moment with purpose all one can do?

I am here to make a difference by playing my tune
Hopefully all these wants become fulfilled really soon

- Mikey