Wednesday, April 2, 2008


People all around me
Friends and family
Always there
But not quite here

Everyday I'm surrounded by people
But it's not always that simple
I may lose myself in the crowd
But it's not always that loud

When they leave
And I'm alone
A sigh i heave
'Cause I'm alone

The loneliness creeps onto me
Like the shadow of the night
And I'm afraid to see
That I'm alone again tonight

Though it only seems present when I'm alone
It's actually there evry time of day
Whether in a crowd or alone i lay

How do i get over this despair?
How do i stop feeling lonely?
I don't want this life of solitaire
I just want some company

Why do i feel this?
I Have you here
But why does my heart ache
When you are so near?
I know,
I need more than just an hour a day
More than just a 'hello' or a 'hey'

You are here but not really here
You don't listen you only hear
Please listen, Please see
Please know that it's you I need

This loneliness is killing me
Isn't it killing you too?
All I need is a conversation
With who? Why of course you!

- Danielle