Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Autumn In The Air!

Fallen leaves
crackle and crunch
beneath my feet
and fall is everywhere.

The little girl in me
shrieks with delight
as I crackle and crunch
more fallen leaves.

Visions of leaves
and me running through them
to scatter them all around
run through my head.

Excitement builds
as I crunch more leaves
and let my head
fill with these visions.

The crackle and crunch
of the fallen leaves
is alluring and delicious
to my senses.

The fall atmosphere
with the crispness everywhere
in the air, in the leaves
awakens another side of me.

What is it…I wonder
that is awakened
and so alluring
about the crispness

Such delight, I find
in the crispness and
in the crackling & crunching
of fallen leaves.

How, I wonder…
could anyone not love or
fall in love with autumn
and all its beauty?

- Anne