Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Good one!

I dialed your number on my phone,
And heard the ringing start.
And then a voice, so soft and sweet,
It opened up my heart.

You spoke in tones that seemed to float,
On air, like feathers fly.
My mind was spinning 'round n 'round,
I felt like I would die.

I didn't know just what to say,
I knew one thing was true.
I had to make you speak again,
Before our call was through.

The call is done, your voice still sings,
My soul has been set free.
For in my mind, you're here to stay,
If just in my memory.

I hope you understand, my love,
How dreams can still come true.
For every night, I hope and pray,
That you will love me, too.

Sleep and dream of me, my love,
Let your imagination soar.
Then tell me what you dreamt about,
So I can dream some more.

- Anonymous