Wednesday, October 31, 2007


When I look
Into your eyes
I feel so isolated
I feel lost in the skies

Our ongoing stare
Your soul I can see right through
Nothing else matters to me
But me and you

These feelings that I feel
I cannot yet explain
As if our interlocking eyes
Are like our bodies' veins

Transferring our feelings
To each other’s hearts
Love tainted toxins
All doing their part

Just in case
I begin to forget ...
You help me realize
I have nothing over which to fret

Every moment
That we share
I hope it’ll never end ...
This ongoing stare

I’ve never felt
This way before
You truly are special
You’ve opened up the door

You have no idea
How much you mean to me
I’m finally on the right path
You’ve set my soul free

All I wish for
Is that you’re feeling the same way
I can barely breathe when I’m with you
You take my breath away

I now begin to realize
Staring into your powerful eyes
That the incredible feelings I’m getting inside
Are real meaningful “Butterflies”

- Julia Almeida