Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beautiful Poems

Three poems, I came across yesterday. check them out...

Felt so frustrated with life!
Felt so frustrated with life!

I don't know what to do with my life!!

I don't know why am i made in the first place!

The more i asked questions, the more i felt like dying away.

There is nothing on this earth that really spur me on to live.
What should I do?

I gave Him a deadline that i felt like giving up now..
50 seems so far from me.

When can i end it ?
When can i stop this search?

I don't want to be like one of them,
living, reproducing, ending.

I don't have a purpose to live,
I refuse to reproduce another of my kind,
I refuse to go through life like the rest... eat, work, play, sick, die.
I refuse to believe that we are only made for a cycle.
I refuse to believe that we are made only for his pleasure viewing.
There must be something more to life!!

How come i come back to this point again..
When I would cross this hurdle?

I do not envy those who have a career..
for it comes to nothing at the end anyway.

I do not envy those who have a partner..
for it comes to nothing at the end anyway.

I do not envy those who have loads of kids..
for it comes to nothing at the end anyway.

Why are we here???? to live and multiply?
how are we different from the animals then?
perhaps they are better off without a brain that rationalise..

When would i die away?

When someone tells me he/she has a cancer and dying..
i ask why is it not me?
When someone tells me his love one died..
i ask why is it not me? when would it be me?
perhaps they are better off than us who continue to live.

those who live wanted to change things.. but how much can we change?
so what if we change things? all would be nothing at the end of the day.

when would i pass away.. ???
i am still waiting ...

Running AWAY?
Am I running away..
or am i just taking break..

a break from the people,
a break from myself,
a break from the world,
a break from my mind..

I do not know and perhaps don't want to know
I just kept going..

this time it is a month
i'll record my running away soon..
i'll be running to vietnam.

hopefully by running there,
i would find myself.
hopefully by running there,
i would find appreciation of what i have and who i am

time to run!
get ready jerl,
for whatever reason..
just GO!!

Childbirth takes so much of the women,
yet i am really not sure if the men appreciate it...
especially by the way some treats their wives.
( i'll write about this some other time)

Many incentives nowadays to give birth,
yet no one realise that it is so easy to do just that..
but to educate a child drains all of the parents.

I ever thought of being a single parent
if the society is open enough to accept the child,
however, now even if the society is acceptable with it,
i wouldn't give it a shot..
as i have seen too many "devils" around...
it takes so much to guide and lead a child to the right path..
yet the future is so unpredictable;
and i would rather not have another devil on this earth.

Many people told me i should get married and have a kid,
cos i would be able to teach them personally..
yet i think it is more than my ability to teach or give them life..
it is a tremendous commitment of life from the beginning of marriage
to the end of that person's life.

May be i choose not to complicate my life,
may be i choose not to be responsible for another life,
may be it is easier to just live my life and answer for my life alone.

i mocked at those who give life sparingly yet withheld to give it a full life,
and admire the courageous ones out there who took this ladden seriously,
and did a good job.. though some failed.. at least they tried.

i am sure i wouldn't be the only one treading on this narrow path,
those who did, be encouraged that it is perfectly alrite not to adhere to social standards,
and most of all ...
You will never be the only one ..