Friday, November 23, 2007


One of my very good friends, Sunil, has also joined this blog. To start with, I present to you all his first creation, aptly titled "Search". Enjoy!

Leaving everything in my life
Leaving others for the scrappy rise
Leaving all what happened behind
There is nothing to survive
In this beautiful world as the people say
Precursor of what i thought and what i hide

Thinking of things i never know
Thinking of things i left behind
Thinking of the job which i didnt get
Thinking of it if i ll ever get it in my life
Thinking of all while passing a smile
I am broken apart raising the spikes
Poem is a weaker way to express
My way of living is drowning in the wine

Sensing the downfall coming my way
Sensing the tribune formed by people
Sensing the farewell and walk away of friends
Sensing the change of personalities
Reminds me of a good friend in life
I search for you here and there
Talk to you and forget what is happening in my mind
There is a reason for everything

The ego , the trauma , a thought to future
I found myself tread around in the darkest street behind.....