Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Innocent Eyes

The face as blank as a white paper
Only feature that conveyed were eyes
Those were very deep,
Deep like sea,like an ocean
There was immense calmness,
And a lot of composure.
Surely like an ocean they carried;
They guarded - like a treasure.
Something that kept me thinking.
It was very staggered.
Was there sadness, some shock,
Or were they afraid of something.
Something they didn't want to reveal.
The face as innocent as eyes.
The innocence of a born child,
Innocence of a trapped ignorant animal.

They were very deep,
They were very dark,
They were very black,
They were very quiet,
They were very appealing,
The were very bright.
The brightness , the darkness together
In contrast made them shine.
The shine of moist green leaves,
The shine of first drop of rain.
The immense emotions in those eyes.
They were self meditated.
A synchronous harmony of emotions.
This harmony was toxic,
An outgrowing trauma of non-defensive gesture.
Truly they were the mirror of its self,
A very complex in nature.
Represented an unguarded fantasy of a child.
A fantasy that embarked a psychic presence
Of a monstrous illusion lurking in the mind.

They were inexplicable.
A complex web of pain
That had solidified over time ,
Unable to communicate the doubts
And vulnerability of its non-volatile stare.
That disturbing encounter testified
The human reflection through eyes.
Once seen , there happens to be a drift
To that hyperactive stare of those eyes.
It was a kind of hallmark
Of its own emotional mind
That remained introverted and florescent
To the onlooker who always wondered
As an enquirer of the reasons behind it.