Friday, July 11, 2008

Alone I Walk!

Alone I walked along the crashing waves,
The only ones I had to wash away my tears.
But then suddenly I found you there at my side,
And you relieved me of all my fears.

As we strolled down the thundering surf,
You whispered promises in my ear.
You seemed to be able to read my soul,
And tell me everything that I had always wanted to hear.

I walked on knowing that every word was sincere,
I felt that I had finally found someone who truly cared,
I closed my eyes knowing in my heart,
That when I opened them again, you'd still be there.

As dawn came, I turned for feeling the need to thank you,
And as I stood there, my smile slowly faded away.
I silently gazed at the single set of tracks leading to me,
And I couldn't remember why I thought you would actually stay.

So still alone I walk along the crashing waves,
The only ones I have to wash away my tears.

- Matt Windseth