Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is for the people who have to follow the masses and cannot do what they want,

Victories passes by, defeats squander time.
statistics of try, throws one more dime.
Silence of life , asunder of dreams.
laughter despise, baffle the screams.
Follow the stars, do it alone.
what others did, considered axiom.
Interests are burried, under the fossil
stop all thinking, follow the codicil.
Depression of failure, a matter of disguise
defeats to remember, victories are volatile.
Greatness of Einstein, lies inthe interests
the saga of failures, he didnt trust
The other wrote, he became shakespeare
successfu he was, his creations didnt fear.
All their life, they were in ruins
Untilsomeone discovered, their quality tunes.
Many couldnt rise, they had the talent
It was luck not the dumbness, that made them lament

- By Sunil Kumar